Xbmc tv show library not updating

16-Dec-2020 21:00

A single file will allow you to put your backup in one place, while multiple files will scatter extra JPG and NFO files into your media folders—this is more reliable, but quite cluttered. Once your library is backed up, continue to the next step.

You’ll then find yourself at the My SQL server prompt.

For other operating systems, please consult the My SQL 5.5 Manual. Simply download the server installation app and run it.

Accept the license agreement and the “Typical” installation.

For this tutorial, we’ll be installing My SQL on a media server running Windows 10.

Our installation instructions should match for any version of Windows.

What we’re going to do is install a free version of My SQL server, then instruct all your Kodi machines to use a database on that server as its library (instead of a separate database on each individual computer).

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