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Xavier completed his education from Rostrevor College during the early time.

With the interest in drama and his interest made her to study in Christian Brothers College during the very time.

There's a program within the prison where they rehabilitate the prisoners by tending to these injured birds—big, glorious owls.

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After I finished a job in America in the middle of last year, I just went back home and hung out there for six months."XS: "It's good to go back and refuel and process what's been going on."So what's next for you both?

JF: "I'm attached to a few things, but they're very..."XS: "...they're secretive? "JF: "No, it's just that there's no point in talking about something unless you've actually been on set and have done it."XS: "This industry is a house of cards.

It's great."Where are you guys from in Australia?

XS: I grew up in Adelaide and moved to Sydney when I finished school."JF: Melbourne, born and bred."For so many scenes, you guys are surfing together and you're both great. XS: We told the director we could surf, so she sent along a secret video camera person to the beach to film us surfing, to see if we were actually good.

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XS: I think the film is quite intense, and the scene towards the end where my character Ian feels very betrayed by everyone else around him.So until you're actually standing in the catering line, you want to be careful exactly what you talk about.