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I’m going to try to link the 2nd Aretha connect, Deeper Love from Sister Act 2.

Make today an Aretha Franklin kinda day m.youtube.com/watch? Aretha Franklin QUEEN of Soul, voice of a generation, one of a kind,took no crap she didn't fly, she wore fur 2 an inauguration & dared someone2 say something,she is now in the pantheon of Gods greats,in the busom of family.

Toni Morrison passed today and there are no words for a brilliant wordsmith, a woman whose roots in our world took, allowed countless millions to a tour worlds unknown. I also think that if you are going to have bikes for people to ride, you should have (1/4)I’m heartbroken to hear that my conversation with the Mayor about bike lanes may somehow have led people to believe that I am against them, which is not the case.

She was one for the ages...condolences to her family R. They are not set up well and create dangerous situations for pedestrians, drivers and the bikers.

She had a 1 of a kind voice and she ushered in new time and if you want to spend a bit of time remembering GO see this, the 3Donna’s are fantastic, See it go home play every album I just spent the whole day in the theatre watching Harry Potter & the Cursed Child pt 1 &2.

The show is off the hook, the cast is magnificent, the magic that happens on stage is EVERYTHING you want in the theater.& more An experience to be shared with you & your family See it.

Excited to bring my 9 animated shorts to @Tribeca ’s film festival this year to celebrate imaginative storytelling.

Special thanks to @Nutella USA for sponsoring the shorts programming. #Tribeca2018 Yesterday I spent the afternoon immersed in Summer the Donna Summer musical at the Lunt on Broadway.

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death is SO final, anyway Happy Birthday Clyde from everyone pic.twitter.com/z3r9k3h Hs Q Senator John Mc Cain passed today, all i can think about.never stopped trying to do his best. My condolences to the family he loved and adored and to his daughter & my friend @Meghan Mc Cain..all my family, much love I wanted 2 include the music video for Jumpin’ Jack Flash it doesn’t seem to be available so you’ll have to make do with pictures.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I love men and men love me. I just feel bad that it took me so long to realise that I wasn't meant to be in a relationship."And the It's about what I feel is wrong with relationships.