Who is taj from swv dating

03-Dec-2019 06:43

Mike, as a professional drummer in the music game, and Coko’s love of music is probably what contributed to their love connection moving at lightening speed at that time.Apparently, they both got ‘so weak at the knees they could hardly speak, lost all control’ and said “I do,” while many folks around them were saying ‘Oh HELL naw…don’t DO, it’s TOO SOON! You see, ILOSM fam,’ sometimes we just gotta go with our gut instinct- sure we may strike out, but hell, that’s what the Higher Power gave us legs and hindsight for.those are the words SWV singer, Coko, painfully had to write online regarding the end of her marriage to her husband of 15 years/drummer, Mike Clemons.Coko took to her website on Monday, to offer her fans a three paragraphed explanation as to why they are divorcing from what appeared to be a very happy marriage.Although we love to hear Coko sing, here at ILOSM, this time around the topic of discussion is on her and her hubby.

Years ago, Cheryl Elizabeth “Coko” Gamble rose to stardom as the lead singer of the 90s girl group, Sisters With Voices, better known to fans as, SWV.Back then, Coko, Tamara “Taj” Johnson, and Leanne “Lelee” Lyons had the clubs and radio on fire with hit joints, like “Weak”, “Right Here/Human Nature”, “I’m So into You”, “Downtown,” and “You’re the One.” Of course, the list goes on but that’s just a few of their hits to scratch the surface. https:// Mt C/ Coko is a wife and mother focused on her gospel career.