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04-Jun-2020 19:57

Those who produce, disseminate, or sell “obscene materials” could be jailed for life, according to the country’s criminal law.

But while forbidding porn is one thing, actually getting rid of it is quite another, especially when users have social media, cloud-based services, and new payment methods at their disposal.

(Offerings from Google Drive and Dropbox had already long been blocked, and still are.)Cloud services from Baidu and Xunlei (a Shenzhen-based torrent downloader) are now among the few remaining options for Chinese users. To avoid censors, the porn community has developed a set of slang words (link in Chinese) of their own while cutting deals on social media apps like Weibo, QQ, and We Chat.

Resourceful porn collectors are known as “old drivers,” sharing porn videos is “getting a ride,” and erotic content is “welfare.”In a little over two years, livestreaming apps have grown into a .3 billion industry in China, thanks in no small part to erotically charged content.

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Although Wang pleaded guilty, his passionate defense of freedom of information won an outpouring of support on the Chinese internet.

The year 2004 saw the birth of a few big (albeit ill-fated) services in the country, including 99 Erotica Forum and Erotica Juneday.

Some such sites are still hanging on, but many have disappeared.

A police officer in charge of the case surmised that, given their decent day jobs, the workers were motivated not primarily by making money but by “filling the emptiness of their lives.”In October 2006 authorities shut down Erotica Juneday, which charged its VIP members 3,999 yuan (then around 0) a year, and sentenced founder Chen Hui to life in prison (link in Chinese).

Outspoken sociologist Li Yinhe was among those who lashed out against the harsh sentence.In March 2014, police raided Kuaibo’s offices in Shenzhen and shut down the service.