Wade robson and britney spears dating

04-Nov-2020 06:39

His association with Michael Jackson gave him the opportunity to befriend artists like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Wade begged the Jackson family for a VIP invitation to Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service at Staples Center in 2009.Wade started working with Justin Timberlake as a choreographer and then slept with Britney Spears who dated Justin then . Justin’s song Cry me a River is about Britney’s infidelity with Wade. He danced along Janet Jackson at a tribute for Michael at 2009 VMA .That was the only way he could get past the statute of limitations.He also lied UNDER OATH that he was not aware Michael Jackson had an Estate even though he sought employment at MJ’s Estate only a few months before he made these allegations out of bitterness because he was NOT hired for a job he applied.

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She was an overbearing stage mom who wanted to capitalise on Wade’s limited talent.Wade Robson is a ( has been ) dancer / choreographer . He met Michael Jackson at the age of 5 ( he was born on 17/09/1982 ) when he won a dance contest , in fact , organised by Pepsi and Target even though he later said it was organised by MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures which he alleged MJ founded to lure and abuse kids ( even Tom Sneddon never said that ) .That is a lie he made up so as to sue MJ’s companies after his first lawsuit was thrown out of court because the judge didn’t believe that he was unable to understand the concept of molestation before he was 30 years old.In the doc ‘’ Leaving Neverland’’ Wade claims he was pressured to testify against his free will , he feared he might go to jail if he didn’t, he claimed he was subpoenaed to testify ( in reality, there was no subpoena for Wade ) and that he supposedly decided to testify during a dinner which took place in Neverland before his testimony even though it is confirmed that Wade NEVER met Michael before , BUT only AFTER he testified and contrary to what he says now he was NOT subpoenaed.

Robson treated Jonathan Spence and Brett Barnes in the most abominable way , he bullied them to back up his false and financially motivated allegations and he implied in ‘’ Leaving Neverland ‘ that both Culkin and Barnes were groomed and molested albeit they have repeatedly denied they were , including UNDER OATH . The prize of the dance contest Wade won in 1987 was a meet and greet with Michael Jackson who performed in Australia during his Bad Tour. They had a fruit shop and they lived in 3 acres in the middle of nowhere in Australia.I will miss him immensely, but I know that now he is at peace and enchants the sky with a melody and a Moonwalk ".