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This can be done using the set Attribute() method or setting the node Value property of the attribute node.Hi I have created a java class that uses JButton to bring up JFile Chooser.I then select a file and add the file details to a xml file.below is the code showing how I capture this information and add to xml: if(file ! APPROVE_OPTION) { String name= Name(); String directory = Path(); long length = file.length(); // convert file length into long kb= length/1024; String s= new String(); String a=s.value Of(kb); Upload Files upload Files = new Upload Files(); uploaded File Element(name,directory,a); add File Element(...) is a method that add the above information to xml file.More specifically, we need to implement the Tree Model interface.The Tree Model interface has the following methods: public Object get Root(); public Object get Child(Object parent, int index); public int get Child Count(Object parent); public boolean is Leaf(Object node); public int get Index Of Child(Object parent, Object child); public void value For Path Changed(Tree Path path, Object new Value); public void add Tree Model Listener(Tree Model Listener l); public void remove Tree Model Listener(Tree Model Listener l); download source code For this example we only need to worry about the first five since we won't be able to modify the underlying XML from the display. The project can run from client side no problem and it can read the xml file.

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The way to change the value of an attribute, is to change its text value.I don't claim this is original as most of the content is fromhere but hopefully this will be easier to understand.For this example I'm using the following configuration and jar files: Java 1.5 JDOM 1.0 Apache commons-io 1.1 Java comes with a nice tree JTree that we will use. SAXException; public class Modify XMLFile XPath x Path = XPath Instance()XPath(); Node start Date Node = (Node) x Path.compile("/data/startdate").evaluate(doc, XPath Constants.

How to display XML in a JTree using JDOM This brief tutorial will explain how to use Java to make and display a tree view of XML using JDOM and JTree.

It has a straightforward API, is a lightweight and fast, and is optimized for the Java programmer.