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13-Jul-2020 19:35

We recommend enhancing your stay by adding a Pre-programme to the impressive Manuel Antonio National Park.We head towards the Caribbean coast and take a boat ride on the Tortuguero Canal, before we embark on MS Roald Amundsen in Puerto Limón.4d9bc199-9828-45da-b8d1-c27564fed3db https:// RAq3ov-Q /wps/wcm/connect/melia/4fd3566c-988b-45b9-a32f-03e5683fad6a/2Melia Panam Canal-Premium Room Twin Room.jpg?MOD=AJPERES&CONVERT_TO=url&CACHEID=4fd3566c-988b-45b9-a32f-03e5683fad6a a55ff488-3a21-421a-8d40-aa8edcd43d18 /wps/wcm/connect/melia/9fb67c77-e7aa-498f-86a1-baba66099b89/3Melia Panama Canal-Pool&Lake Gatun.jpg? MOD=AJPERES&CONVERT_TO=url&CACHEID=9fb67c77-e7aa-498f-86a1-baba66099b89 d001b271-83a6-4f14-8f26-30a80ffed1cb /wps/wcm/connect/melia/e772147b-64aa-4d78-b551-0c7b464d2d3e/4Melia Panama Canal-Miraflores Buffet Restaurant.jpg?Inspect the famous precision of Incan stonework on display here.

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After breakfast, you are in for some unforgettable highlights.Join us as we sail from the warm waters of the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, and along the western coast of South America to Lima, Peru.

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