Updating the gac

17-Dec-2020 00:23

The entire output folder can then be simply copied to the end-user's computer and executed, as all of the required assemblies are available.The downside to this approach is that each program deployed includes its own copy of the DLL.The preferred method is to create an installation package that utilises the Windows Installer software to register the assembly.

If you are using Vista, run the tool using the Run as Administrator option.When browsed using Windows Explorer, the names, versions, public key tokens and other details of all of the installed assemblies are displayed.There are many methods for installing an assembly into the global assembly cache.Specifically, it is no longer possible to install your application simply by copying the output folder to the target machine.

Another limitation is that assemblies may only be added to the cache if they are signed with a strong name key.It is recommended that you only use the GAC for your own assemblies when it is absolutely necessary.