Updating nexus credit card info

20-Jan-2020 16:15

updating nexus credit card info-56

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Read some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Nexus pass.

If you have a Nexus question that is not listed here please use the form on our contact page. The Nexus pass is valid for 5 years from the date of issue after which time it must be renewed.

If you file with IVT you do not have to fill out every section of the application for every family member e.g. If you apply online using the GOES system you will have to make a separate application for each family member and fill out every section – the average time spent filling out an online Nexus application is 1.5 hours so if there are quite a few of you it could very time consuming doing it yourself. If you are traveling by car all occupants must be Nexus pass holders in order for you to use the Nexus lane.

Likewise you can only use Nexus at an airport if you hold a card.

new passport, driver’s license, permanent resident cards etc.

If you receive a criminal conviction (other than a traffic violation) you must also inform Nexus.

I have lost my Nexus card how do I apply for a new one?

Is it possible to get a Nexus pass for J1B visa holders?