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26-Dec-2019 18:47

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The latest Internet Explorer for Windows 7 is version 11.If you don't have 11 then you can do a windows update or go the the microsoft download site and get it.There are plenty of good reasons to update Firefox to the latest version.Most often, especially in our area of expertise, updating Firefox is a good thing to try when the browser isn't working correctly.

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The app, which had been getting a little long in the tooth especially compared with modern email clients like Microsoft’s Outlook Mail and Google’s Gmail web app is about due for a revamp, and Mozilla’s Ryan Sipes acknowledges that in a blog post.

A number of "download sites" offer the latest version of Firefox, but some of them bundle additional, probably unwanted, software with their download of the browser.

Save yourself a lot of trouble down the road and stick to Mozilla's site for downloading Firefox.

The built-in grammar tool would make it easier to read books, novels, stage plays and websites in Reading view.

It could improve reading comprehension through increasing fluency learners or readers of other languages.If one isn't found, you can override the compatibility check.