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04-Sep-2020 01:05

Use Compound Clips to bundle separate video and audio clips into a single movable package, create Auditions to try out multiple takes in the timeline, and use Synchronized Clips to align video with second-source audio automatically.Color coding makes it easy to identify different types of content, with the ability to customize the look of your timeline while you edit.Final Cut Pro lets you edit multichannel audio using built-in tools for removing background noise and optimizing levels.Adjust multichannel audio files in the timeline or open the inspector for more information and options.You can also use Compressor to create custom export settings that appear right in Final Cut Pro.

And batch exporting makes it fast to deliver multiple files or projects in multiple formats.And when equipped with the optional Afterburner card, Mac Pro delivers the fastest Pro Res performance ever.So you can do things like edit video, create motion graphics, and color grade in groundbreaking 8K resolution. The Magnetic Timeline allows you to easily experiment with story ideas by moving and trimming clips without collisions or sync problems.Create stunning effects and sweeping graphics with Motion, including studio-quality 2D and 3D titles you can open and adjust in Final Cut Pro.

Use Compressor to create custom export settings and streamline delivery of your movie to the i Tunes Store.

Choose from dozens of bundled plug-ins for audio compression, EQ, and more — or send to a professional audio application like Logic Pro X for advanced audio mixing.