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18-Jul-2020 02:54

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See the Image Diagnostics section on The Image Viewer page for information about image search settings and selecting diagnostic searches.The Image Update panel lets you work with image diagnostics and fix image searches from the alert panel that pops up when an image is not found during a script run.Depending on the selected settings, this panel also appears when multiple instances of an image are found that were not anticipated by the script.You can enable the Image Update panel functionality on the main menu by adjusting the options shown in the option is a good choice for unattended script runs.

In here I have two gridviews and one is inside the Update Panel and the other one is out of the Update Panel.

This will ensure that the first panel is updated even when a control on a different Update Panel is used.

The Async Post Back Trigger tag is pretty simple - it only takes two attributes, the controlid, a reference to the control which can trigger it, and the eventname, which tells which eventtype can cause the trigger to fire.

The Triggers tag allows you to define certain triggers which will make the panel update it's content. You will notice that then first button updates only the first datestamp, while the second button updates both. We have set the Panels to update conditionally, which means that their content is only updated if something insides them causes a postback, or if one of the defined triggers are fired.

The following example will show the use of both childtags. As you can see, the first Update Panel carries a trigger which references the second button.

Kind Regards, Dieter Hello Dieter, My advise is to open a support ticket, isolate the Drop Down List and attach a sample runnable project that demonstrates the issue.