Truther dating website

16-Apr-2020 15:10

hideaway while you waste your life on Twitter and Instagram — I have some bad news. Raya first appeared several years ago as a dating app aimed at people in creative industries.

Maybe you are one of the more than 100,000 people on the waiting list?

Stassi Schroeder, a star of “Vanderpump Rules,” has said that she was banned from the app for publicly discussing her match with the Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. But Raya may be the first app that has successfully created an atmosphere of intimacy and trust while revealing almost nothing about itself.

Its website contains no mention of investors, founders or staff members, and the company has never spoken about its origins. Last month, after pushing Raya for answers, I received a text from a man who said he wanted to meet in Los Angeles, and out himself as the company’s founder.

Flat-earthers are people who do not believe that the Earth is a sphere and that photographs of the planet taken from space are a hoax.

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Others put together elaborate résumés, complete with press clips and glowing testimonials. A friend confessed that she loved it and had used it to score several dates, including one with a Grammy-winning musician.

The members are very active, with 444 posts in the last month, and the numbers are growing every day.