Truth in dating finding love by getting real

22-Jul-2020 20:30

But this is no reason to hide the fact that you have such needs.

In grown-up love, two people accept each other, and themselves, as they are. I remember as a little girl watching my dad get angry at my mom for forgetting to take care of something and my mom crying and telling him she was hurt.

It’s the kind of love where you don’t blame your partner when you are feeling upset — even if it was your partner’s actions that triggered your pain.

Grown-up love understands that no one is going to meet all your emotional needs.

Since I was a teenager, I have been interested in how relationships can be paths to healing and self-realization.

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It makes sense that if you want to find a relationship where you can be yourself, you need to conduct your dating activities with this goal in mind.You also need to recognize the sad fact that most people do not feel safe about being totally honest.They fear being hurt, causing hurt, being rejected, being judged as not good enough, or being told, And many others more subtly revealed their unconscious fears through the defensive or self-protective way they answered my questions.One of the beneficial by-products of my personal Truth in Dating practice has been a consistent spaciousness of attention, or presence, in the face of disturbing information.

As I sit down to write a book about Truth in Dating, I wonder: Is this idea too far ahead of our present culture?Millions of single people — whether never married or divorced — put a lot of energy into meeting and dating new people, but because they don't invest their true selves, their efforts often go nowhere. Campbell presents an approach to dating that many consider radical: Be honest about yourself and ask for what you want, up front.