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If you find yourself in the process of dating a teacher, these seven things will help you understand his or her brain a bit more.They will also hopefully help you appreciate the quirks he or she brings to your relationship: We spend about seven or eight hours each day with our students in the classroom.Forgive us for slipping every now and then by referring to you as “sweet pea” or “love muffin.”Consider our great intentions if we embarrass you for doing a good job by promising to give you a gold sticker when we get home. We are products of our glittered, sunshine and unicorn-filled classroom environment.Save your breath if you're feeling feisty because we will just hand it right back to you 10 times harder.Do we already have enough school supplies to get us through the next ice age? But, you'd better have a smile on your face when we insist on getting more anyway.Grammar is highly important, both when you are speaking to and writing to us.We want to ensure that our students are successful and happy individuals. We are nurturers, speakers, cheerleaders, designers, part-time parents, managers and great listeners all wrapped up into one. To date and love us is to appreciate us for all that we do both in the classroom with our students, and outside of the classroom with our significant others.

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While you're spelling, we don't mind the use of acronyms.If you make a mistake, don't get offended when we correct your pronunciation, articulation, sentence structure, verb tense, etc. Working with children is one of the most rewarding feelings on the planet.