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Pull parsers and the SAX API both act like a serial I/O stream.

You see the data as it streams in, but you cannot go back to an earlier position or leap ahead to a different position.

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Both of these public void start Document() throws SAXException public void start Element(String namespace URI, String local Name, String q Name, Attributes atts) throws SAXException public void end Document() throws SAXException method defined in Setting Up I/O.For faster development and simpler applications, one of the object-oriented XML-programming standards, such as JDOM ( and DOM4J ( might make more sense.In real-life applications, you will want to use the SAX parser to process XML data and do something useful with it.SAX requires much less memory than DOM, because SAX does not construct an internal representation (tree structure) of the XML data, as a DOM does.

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Instead, SAX simply sends data to the application as it is read; your application can then do whatever it wants to do with the data it sees.With a pull parser, you get the next node, whatever it happens to be, at any point in the code that you ask for it.