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23-Jul-2020 13:28

So when we see them in the throws of passion (since I'm such an illiterate schmuck, the word fucking would suffice) we have a different view and a different "perspective".

If we are also, and at the sme time engaged with the guy's wife we may also get that little feeling of naughtiness added to the voyeuristic sense we experience.

But Age should not be a single defining factor as to weather to play or not....It is our belief that the lifestyle is supposed to be about open-mindness, acceptance, freedom, and fun.Other words also come to mind like variety, new experiences, non-judgment, truth, love, and joy.Joe n Ann Speed dating swinging style - - So the reason we (KOIGIRL) and I hosted it was we were tired of the meet and greets where everyone had their cliques.

Also the parties we went to were not swinger parties.

So, how is age an issue or how does it become an issue...?????