Samoan dating customs

06-Sep-2020 09:39

They nearly drowned diving for the faisua – which turned out to not even be a faisua – and when they finally resurfaced, their disorientation caused them to forget that it was women who were meant to be tattooed.But the sisters carried on and brought the practice to a certain village in Samoa.Because of the pain involved, though, it is also considered a rite of passage into adulthood.Young, untitled men in a village are called ‘tauleale’a‘.

He was a prolific author with 8 matai titles of his own and decades of experience educating in this field, so his authority on the topic was largely unrivaled. I found out later that his English was almost as flawless as his Samoan, and one day he even graciously allowed me to interview him (in English) outside of the classroom.These taupou of high ranking were island celebrities and were called on to dance the taualuga at the most prominent events. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments (or complaints or death threats) please let me know so I can address your concerns in Part Two.

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