Robsten dating

08-Apr-2020 15:10

Others won’t let their brain inhale the idea of the ~ohsoprivate~ Robert Pattinson holding hands with some home wrecking whore tramp slut he barely knows. It’s obviously hobo Voldemort and he’s the one dating FKA Twigs. Detective La Toya needs to honor that Robsten fan for their impressive detective skills and for getting to the bottom of EVERYTHING.

Before you laugh at the non-believers, take a look at the concrete proof that proves that picture was obviously Photoshopped and Robsten is still alive and well! You have it to hand it to those Robsten crazies, though.

They’re doing what Rose should’ve done when she held Jack’s hand in . In 60 years when RPattz and his third wife, Jennifer Lawrence Martin Mayer Pattinson, announce that they’re great-grandparents for the second time, a Robsten fangirl will pull off her oxygen mask while lying on her death bed in the Twihard retirement home to say, “” Here’s more obviously Photoshopped pictures of Son Wigs as well as pictures of FKA Twigs serving up some La Donna from Square Pegs glamour at the Mercury Prize Nomination Ceremony in London on September 10th.

“Twilight Saga” darling Kristen Stewart rocked the Robsten world when she issued a public apology Wednesday for a “momentary indiscretion” with Rupert Sanders, the married director of her recent film “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Stewart, who has been dating her “Twilight” costar Robert Pattinson for years, apparently had a “marathon makeout session” with Sanders, who is married to Liberty Ross.

When news broke earlier this month that Robert Pattinson was dating the mind-blowingly talented FKA twigs, Twihard fans of the couple Formerly Known As Robsten were predictably incensed.

For anyone who isn’t aware of the Twihard phenomenon, calmly proceed as follows: 1.

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