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Ordinarily the romancing choices are left to the protagonist.However, unless he completes the game as the heroine, he will be forced to remain in Kokorone Heartful as a woman forever.

When he does, he tells her that he only escaped death by promising Garuda, a carnivorous devil living in the desert, that he could have Ruby for one week. An autobiographical manga that tells the story of the author's trip to Thailand in order to undergo sex reassignment surgery, describing the process of transitioning from male to female.

While there, a group of martial artists staying nearby take a strange interest in the girls.

These men are actually demons and after changing into their true form break into the cabin to rape the girls. She feels her soul being torn apart and transforms into Devilman Lady.

The only problem: Haruki is a nice ordinary boy by day, but a pervy girl by night!

A miraculous account of a doubter who was turned into a woman by the one true god.

But the path to womanhood is a lot more painful than imagined...