Published infopath form not updating

22-Oct-2020 16:13

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I haven't tested if linking all the files back to the current form template will resolve the issue or not, but it was something I noticed when recreating the form library.I've done some more investigating and found something interesting.I have deactivated and republished but that didn't help. You edit the template, save and attempt to publish again and receive the following message - "Updating Content Type Failed"I've done some researching on this and found a couple of issues.

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I've created a basic form in Info Path 2013 (I'm still using IP because it's so super easy).

I've added a Form Library on my main Team site, which is NOT a modern site.

They had an Info Path form published to a form library, but they were not promoting all of the data collected in the form out to the Share Point library as columns.

Since they wanted to do some reporting on the data in the forms, I promoted the columns they needed to the library. When I looked at the library and at the promoted fields, there was no data in the fields for the old forms that had already been submitted.

) The solution is deceptively simple and I don’t even know why it works, but it does.