Psychology dating compatibility test

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Complementarity in social psychology is defined on the basis of the interpersonal circle (Carson, 1969), according to which interpersonal behaviors fall on a circle with two dimensions, namely dominance (i.e. The behavior and the response it invites are said to be complementary (Horowitz, Dryer, & Krasnoperova, 1997) when friendly behavior begets hostile behavior, and dominant behavior begets submissive behavior.When people fail to give the invited response, it is said to be a non-complementary interaction.Although various concepts of interpersonal compatibility have existed from ancient times (see, e.g., Plato's Lysis), no general theory of interpersonal compatibility has been proposed in psychology.

Even when you find the ideal choice for you, that person will not share all of your interests or meet all of your needs.

Less complementarity is found in supervisees (low-status, low-powered), as they are normally guided by social norms which mold their behaviors. High levels of complementarity are presumed to be more stable over time than those low levels of complementarity (Tracey, 2004).

Greater levels of complementarity are developed when people have known each other for a long time than when they are newly acquainted (Tracey, 2004; Markey, Kurtz, 2006 stated in Moskowitz, 2007).

Keirsey's hypothesis of compatibility between Keirsey temperaments).

Neither of these hypotheses are commonly accepted in the Myers–Briggs type indicator theory.However, contradictory result is also found in a study conducted by Ansell (2008).

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