Polish dating new york

11-Feb-2020 23:18

It was at the turn of the century that Polish immigrants began settling in the United States.

Particularly after the Cold War, Polish immigration increased with the great majority of newcomers settling in Brooklyn.

There’s also the nearby East River State Park and the WNYC Transmitter Park, both of which provide waterfront access to the East River and offer unmatched panoramas of the Manhattan skyline.More than half of these immigrants flocked to Greenpoint where they founded a working class enclave of their own.Since then, their presence in Greenpoint has been the predominant one.These recent green spaces are products of the development that has taken over Greenpoint.

Despite seeing the arrival of a whole new class of individuals and with them contemporary and high-end establishments, Greenpoint still grips to its rich roots with its many authentic Polish locales and shops.

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