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10-Jan-2020 21:23

Well not necessarily, if you use Peer Block for torrenting then your downloads are going to suffer.

Since torrent, files are downloaded through other peers having varying IP addresses.

Users can create their custom list of “harmful or bad” IPs, like for instance, those associated with an ad bot or spyware servers.

Doing so, IPs in your block list are restricted from communicating with your computer.

Therefore, relying on this software for torrenting can be a bit shady, as it doesn’t seem to do a good job at protecting your privacy.

The Peer Guardian and Peer Block are similar in terms of functionality.

Fortunately, there are Peer Block alternatives that work exactly like the original one.

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The most popular list of blocked IPs offered by Peer Block contains more than a billion IP addresses.

Since many spam advertisers can simply change their IP addresses and still communicate with your computer.

In fact, any one on the internet can change their IP in a matter of seconds.

Torrenting is an amazing way of sharing files fast and easy. Despite its popularity, torrenting without any protective measures can be risky.

Most torrent users must have encountered some sort of DMCA notice in their life.So that they cannot spy on you or your internet browsing activity.