Pee fetish dating

05-Jun-2020 12:19

She now works as a part time secretary in his business. Both couples live within travelling distance of us (within a couple of hundred miles of us anyway) and share many of our pissing interests, including our love of doing it in naughty places.We have shared many fantasies with each other over the internet, and become very close friends without actually ever meeting up. The carpets and the rest are being replaced anyway, so why not abandon all restraint, for once, and just have fun pissing everywhere?Anyway, we love many aspects of pissing, including wetting, golden showers and even drinking each other's pee.And we love watching pee porn together, and sometimes we get great ideas from it.The rest of us watched in rapture or chuckled with delight at this sight.Even as James continued to piss, Mark stood and unzipped his fly, and produced his dick, inviting Sarah to hold it for him.And it sure was fun, and I have often gotten off on remembering it.Problem is, our expensive carpets are so damn difficult to clean that we seriously regretted it in the morning, having to spend ages cleaning it as best we could, and still having to shell out on an expensive professional carpet cleaner.

Both of us are similar ages too - mid 30s - and both of us have professional careers - he is a highly paid solicitor, and I am a teacher at a comprehensive school (If only my pupils knew what I was REALLY to do it in someone else's place too - with their approval, of course - but that has never happened.