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02-May-2020 05:27

Arriving late, he could not find a seat and stood near the court instead.

From that vantage point, he'd noticed the slender, tanned legs as a player from his daughter's team bent over, readying to defend her side of the court.

Technology allowed them to keep each other close, despite being far apart, and each time he felt the need to hear her voice or catch up, she was but an e-mail or text message away. It was true that he had a wonderful sex life with Jill, and that they were often noisy in their lovemaking, but it never occured to him that Alexa paid attention.

Alexa smiled at her father's message - it was always like him, to be sarcastic yet loving at the same time. In fact, the fact that she did pay attention sent shivers down his spine.

Though much similar to the famous scene in Nabokov's "Lolita," in which Humbert masturbated against Dolores Haze's foot, on the couch with her laying and resting her legs on his lap, the scene in Alexa's mind was also different in that it was her father touching her instead of himself.

In the darkness of her dorm room, Alexa groaned one last time, pushing her crotch into her finger, feeling sticky lubricant coating her clit.

Her finger, now drenched with her own teenage fuck juices, began to explore her tiny breasts as the young girl caught her breath, her post-orgasm glow lighting up her entire face.

Then, and only then, only when the pleasures of the finger gliding itself within her, the thumb brushing back and forth against her clit, with one leg flexed on the couch and the other resting on the floor, did Alexa allow herself to get lost in the fantasy, for it'd finally turned realistic.

"Hmmmm, daddy," she groaned as she began to finger-fucking herself, imagining her slender fingers to be that of her dad's, and her dorm room to be the couch back home.

But, even in all their honesty, Marc kept a long-guarded secret. The first time he realized he wanted her, the soldier was overcame with guilt.