Online dating for weirdos

11-Dec-2019 17:21

If you’ve wondered if online dating is up your alley and haven’t had the nerve to try it out maybe it’s time to give it a go and see what that fuss is all about.The online dating world is full of plenty of people – whether they be young, old, outgoing, shy or anything in between – and if you are looking for an exciting way to meet new people from all walks of life, online dating could be the answer.If you start expecting it to churn out the perfect person, you’re going to be let down. What aspects do you love and hate about online dating?

The solution: Just expect it, practice safety and take it for what it is.If you don’t think you are ready for a relationship that’s fine, just have a chat with some people online and strike up a friendship and get to know some people.You just need to work on your confidence, and the rest will come.Whether you are catching the train to work, checking your messages during your lunch break or you are having a few wines watching TV there is always enough time to do online dating.

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Kicking off your dating is the hard part, and there is never going to be an ideal time so rather than waiting for the best time just jump in and do it.

The rational answer to this conundrum is that it is actually much safer than meeting a random person in a bar.