Nyu dating scene

14-May-2020 17:26

" There's also likely some confirmation bias at play; women see more attractive men here, so they tell themselves they can always get one, even if they usually can't. There are massive inefficiencies, and I know lots of people (men and women) who probably hook up with/date fewer people than they would have in other towns because it's so difficult here. For what it's worth I'm just barely over 5'9".

I'm now married but when I was single I didn't have too much trouble with the height issue -- but even then I did encounter women who wouldn't touch a guy under 6' or whatever.

Do you have any suggestions for how to improve my profile? My first serious boyfriend in high school was 5'2'', I had a boyfriend in college around 5'6'' - it just doesn't make sense to me. Context: I'm 29 years old, 5'7", grew up in a large southern metropolis, lived in Palo Alto/San Francisco for 5 years, and now live in New York. First, and most importantly, you have to realize dating here is different.

: [Edit: removed 'cause privacy]I've found OKC to be a lot more like pissing in the wind in NYC than approaching strangers in real life or meeting people through friends. In the south, everyone seemed to pair off in college.

Girls in Nebraska are far more ready to settle down at 23 than girls in NYC.

Find yourself some new places to volunteer (make sure to meet your fellow scientists and engineers) and salsa and do all your other things to get your awesome on and give it a few years. I freaked out moving from the South to New England for grad school..my friends from college were married and there I was, single and plugging away on a Ph D.

It seems to me like women are much more likely to tell me something like "sorry I'm not into short guys", "you are too short for me", or saying things like "I don't like short guys" right in front of me (if they want to soft-reject me with a hint rather than shut me down directly) in NYC than in other places I've lived.

I'm 23 and 5'6'' and I've had girlfriends and fwbs in the past so I haven't let my height stop me in the past, but it seems if 50% of women were not interested in me automatically due to my height when I was living in the Midwest, now it feels like that's the case 80-90% of the time in NYC.

But I'm just wondering if I'm imagining things or if this is real. So the scale is wildly skewed; a 10 in Wyoming is probably a 7 or 8 here.I always write messages that reference the person's profile and try to relate to it but I haven't received a single message back in NYC whereas at the very least I received messages back in other cities. But what I really wanna ask is, is it because I'm short (5'2") or just apathetic about height that I don't see 5'6" guys as "short"? In San Francisco, people seemed to get married in the late 20s.I hear so many 5'5"-5'9" dudes talking about their height disadvantage and I honestly thought that that was an ideal height. My bf is 5'6" and I never really considered him short until he told me he considered himself short. In New York, I basically don't know anyone that's married.It's also more likely that you'll hit on someone who falls into one of these types of categories, so there are more landmines to avoid, and you'll never know who they are unless you talk to them.

You've almost certainly been turned down by women who would have said yes to you if you were both living in the midwest, but this is NYC; internally (perhaps subconsciously) she's probably saying "Why settle for the guy who's shorter than I usually like when I can probably get a guy who's over 6 feet tall? It's frankly difficult for everyone, perhaps needlessly.

What exactly sets someone apart and makes them worth it? If you're a 7 in a small town, you're like a 5 here.