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14-Aug-2020 21:26

The sexual instinct is a creative order that Allah has infused to human nature.After having defined sex as His creative order, it is no longer possible to associate it with guilt, sin or evil.It is not allowed to eliminate or shorten the eyebrows.And letting your nails grow is against the Prophet's Sunnah.It is no coincidence that they are worn mostly by men. They also "expose beauty more" and sometimes even make "attractive" noises.

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In no Islamic text is associated with sex with inherent evil or sin: all the teachings of the Holy Koran, of the Prophet Muĥammad and of the Ahl ul-Bayt go in exactly the opposite direction.Rather than being subjected to a combined union imposed by families, the girls find, in technology, one more chance to meet, and have some chances to choose, their prince charming.A further advantage of finding a boyfriend online, in fact, is also that exponentially increase the possible candidates.It's better to hide them with the garment, rather than with the socks.

You cannot wear tight khuff (leather slippers, ed) because they show the shape of the foot.

Islamic laws set a time limit for cutting nails, hair and armpit hair, and for pubic hair (it is not allowed to leave them for more than 40 nights).