Mars and venus dating tips

15-Sep-2020 16:07

Dating is supposed to come naturally, but for whom?The truth is that most people don’t do it well, or they think they do, but their track record says otherwise.If you think people discriminate or judge you, they probably aren’t.

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I for one am tired of hearing that women should be able to go to war like a man. But, I don’t want my girls to be pulled up for service. In fact, it hurts the gay community to insist that it is a “choice.” Think about what you put out there.

They make it their personal quest to show those of us subscribed to one or the other gender the evil of our ways. How about if I don’t label you by trying to box you in and you don’t try to convince me that gender doesn’t exist.

After all, we are all made uniquely, so let me be me, and you be you.

Most girls aren’t meant to be out on the battlefield. #5 People should be labeled with a gender at birth! [Read: Modern relationships: Have they changed for the better or worse?

On average, they have more empathy and are the gatherers, not the hunters. I have had people tell me that to call someone either a boy or girl at birth limits their possibilities. ] #6 Women worry more because they have about half as much serotonin.

No, women aren’t conditioned to worry as you think.