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The manufacturing technology for both materials was similar, and it was in the hope of learning a new skill that George Lister walked from his home town of Liversedge in the West Riding of Yorkshire to Dursley to learn more about the making of cards, which are used in the process of turning twisted fibre into yarn.

George learnt quickly and after his father’s death invested his inheritance in buying the former Rivers Mill on Uley Road, which he turned into a card-making factory.

When William died in 1903, Robert’s company bought the enterprise, renaming it the Lister Electrical Machinery Company.

Because the main focus of RA Lister was on agriculture, the electric division was sold in 1907 to form the Mawdsley Company. Listers had redesigned Pedersen’s cream separator, expanded its lines of sheep shearing machinery, was producing milk churns and wood barrels for butter, and from the off-cuts developed a successful line of wood-based garden furniture.

He was commiserated on this misfortune by the owner of the Bristol Omnibus Company who replied “I know how you feel my boys are out in America playing kites with those Wright Brothers in their bicycle factory”.

Both men lived to see their predictions confounded.

Shortly after acquiring the manufacturing rights to the petrol engines Sir Robert was at the Bath and West Agricultural Show.

Inevitably this occasionally caused tensions: for example, George managed home sales and Frank was in charge of buying, while Cecil did not have a clearly defined role at all, and, although Robert was the eldest, it was Percy (later Sir Percy) who had by far the most significant impact.

During World War I, the factory was focused solely on War Department production, producing petrol engines, lighting sets and munitions.

Many of the men left for the front, meaning that a large portion of the workforce was female. Charles Ashton Lister managed the company’s business in North America and was based in Canada.

During World War II, this became a lead shadow factory producing electric motors and dynamos for various military purposes, and included a top secret section which produced components for the Alan Turing designed Bombe computer which cracked the Nazi Germany Enigma machine coded messages. Until this point, Lister’s range of machinery had been designed to be powered by a drive belt, which itself relied on either water, steam or horse-drawn power to drive it. for their design of petrol-driven engines (derived from the design of a range of imported engines made by the U. based Stover Manufacturing and Engine Company), allowing Listers to offer portable and independently powered farm machinery.

In 1909 the company acquired manufacturing rights from the London-based firm of F. The acquisition of the petrol driven engines, referred to by Sir Robert Aston Lister as the infernal combustion engine, was a matter of pure chance.Mr Southwell explained his was taking the designs to Petters to discuss manufacturing.

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