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Jackson will provide leadership across the Chemist Warehouse WNBL operations, promotions and marketing, and stakeholder engagement. Basketball Australia Chief Executive Officer, Jerril Rechter, said she was thrilled to have women with outstanding credentials both on and off the field of play taking on key roles with Basketball Australia.“There is an opportunity for Basketball Australia to build upon its strong foundations and its leadership role of women in sport.“Both Lauren and Tal will work on a new strategy for women and girls in basketball, from grassroots participation to community programs and leagues, the elite level, coaching, officiating, administration and governance,” she said.“We are committed to increasing the number of women and girls playing basketball and following the Chemist Warehouse Opals’ recent success at the FIBA World Cup we want to maintain our place in international basketball by providing the best competitions and high-performance pathways.“Our Australian Opals and the WNBL competition are very strong, but we know there is so much more we can do to support women in our game.“Women in sport both here in Australia and indeed globally have enjoyed a wave of recognition in recent years and we want to ensure women in basketball continue to lead the way. Jackson said she was looking forward to starting the role.“After playing for two decades I’m so pleased to be able to continue to play a part in basketball as an administrator,” Ms Jackson said.“We have outstanding players in this country and I want to ensure our place on the world stage remains strong while giving all young players the opportunity to play and love basketball.”Both Lauren Jackson and Tal Karp will commence with Basketball Australia in July.

Hell, I just saw the clip of the Storm winning the WNBA title and it was mentioned.

Lesbos is verdant, aptly named Emerald Island, with a greater variety of flora than expected for the island's size.

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[edit] History Historic map of Lesbos by Piri Reis A statue in Madrid of Cybele, the great mother goddess, in her chariot that was drawn by lions to guide the sun in its daily path across the sky.