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Account vendors will, though, face obstacles as they build up their own bank of users to sell.Making accounts in some sort of automated fashion, by using a script to quickly churn through Twitter’s sign up process, may trigger the social network’s fraud alarms and block the accounts, meaning at least some of the process is likely to be manual.“All accounts we have are created with bots or manually.Again, plenty of options exist, many designed for grey online marketers.For just over 0, Tweet Attacks Pro lets users command an “unlimited” number of accounts, according to the product’s website.The crossover between companies offering services to promote brands and those selling Twitter accounts to criminals highlights a constant struggle throughout the Twitter bot industry: everything is murky.“There’s a very large scale of grey here,” Goncharov, said.

At least some of those bots dated back to 2013, and seemingly tried to harass targets by retweeting certain posts en masse, clogging up their victim’s notification feeds.The service also separately advertises on a more legitimate-looking marketing site.But for bots focused on political manipulation, the overwhelming number of accounts might be more of a priority than their quality.Part of the Russian government’s well-documented interference in the 2016 U. election included pushing deliberately divisive messages through social platforms.

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Investigators found that hundreds or thousands of dodgy Twitter accounts with Russian digital fingerprints posted anti-Clinton tweets that frequently contained false information.

This is why by using our service you help thousands of people to feed themselves and their families,” the website for one such service, called, reads, although perhaps the benevolent outlook is a bit disingenuous.