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Unfortunately, 'love' is NOT a word in Sanborn's vocabulary, and, confused by his emotions, he returns to his party life in New York.

Devastated by his departure, she begins an affair with the young doctor, and turns Sanborn's visit into the basis of a play (with her achieving 'closure' by killing his character off! Will the pair make the Paris rendezvous they planned when in the heat of passion?

At the hospital, she meets handsome surgeon Keanu Reeves, who is a fan of her work, and is immediately smitten by her.

Ordered by Reeves to recuperate at Barry's home, Sanborn gets to accidentally see her naked, and gradually discovers the infinite pleasures of 'older' women, while Barry, resigned to being alone, rediscovers her sexuality and ability to love.

Her previous effort, WHAT WOMEN WANT, not only gave Mel Gibson the most 'well-rounded' comic role of his career, but revealed a talent in song and dance that Gibson had never previously demonstrated (with the revival of musicals, one can only hope that Mel will get a shot at displaying those talents again).

With SOMETHING' S GOTTA GIVE, Meyers turns her magic to 66-year old screen legend Jack Nicholson, creating a character that more fully exhibits and explores his famous persona than any other film "Smilin' Jack" has ever made..even takes him to task, occasionally!

Even more impressively, she gives Diane Keaton, at 57, her finest screen role in years, and reminds audiences that actresses don't HAVE to be under 30 to be desirable, with a character who is wise, funny, vulnerable, and..I say it...still enormously sexy!

Despite a tacit agreement to share the house, Harry is so stressed that he has a heart attack during foreplay, saved only by Erica's reluctant CPR.

Her real name is Diane Hall but after finding out an actress with the same name in the Screen Actors Guild, USA, she immediately substituted her maiden name Keaton for Hall.