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After some time, he became involved in this important work.

It turned out that to live in the midst of people, their interests and hobbies, to direct and organize their activities - Nazarbayev always had it in his genes.

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He became famous; a photograph of the foremost worker Nazarbayev appeared even in the central press.

Among his colleagues at work, the young metallurgist was highly respected, so after joining the party he soon became the party organizer of the workshop.

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So, they studied the first course, and the next two courses were purely "student", with a break from production with all the necessary attributes of real student life - tests, sessions, laboratory works. Nazarbayev studied at the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute for 3 years, after which he was transferred to the newly organized Karaganda Metallurgical Combine ("Plant VTUZ") in Temirtau, which he graduated with a diploma in metallurgical engineering.

It was at such an unpleasant moment - almost a day on their feet, in soot, smoked, only eyes and teeth glittered - and I met a girl who was on duty at an electrical substation that night and came to see what was going on under our furnace ...

But soon a Komsomol youth wedding was arranged for us.” A happy young family grew rapidly, their daughters were born - Dariga, Dinara, and later Aliya. In the direction of the plant, Nazarbayev, along with several guys from his workshop, enters the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute.

In those years, another important event occurred in his life. When an accident occurs and the metal is spilled on the ground, the shift does not leave until it restores rail traffic.

As Nursultan Abishevich wrote later, “the most memorable day of those years was my first meeting with my future wife Sara. Such a firm order: at least a day, at least more, but deal with your own flaws.The young metallurgist Nazarbayev together with experienced craftsmen took part in first Kazakhstan cast iron smelting.