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Did you know that the Australian Aborigines were brutally murdered and their bones sold to museums because Americans thought they were the "Missing link"?

But when you separate a group of people, and are limited to those genes, some physical traits become more apparent.Because of mans wickedness, God confused their languages after the flood of Noah.Small groups of people with the same language would stay together, build colonies, and procreate.Samuel Phillips Verner (from South Carolina) was looking for pygmies to be exhibited in the St. Ota was to help build an authentic looking native African village.

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Verner went bankrupt in 1906 and Ota was turned over to the Guardian Trust Company who seized Verner's collections.

At the lowest stage of human mental development are the Australians, some tribes of the Polynesians, and the Bushmen, Hottentots, and some of the Negro tribes." "In many of these languages there are numerals only for one, two, and three: no Australian language counts beyond four.