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It's like an extension of my arms and extremely well made.

Lastly, a friend of mine has a Dickinson Estate that's also a very nice piece.

The market is really soft right now on Winchester Model 21s.

It’s a great time to buy one if your budget will allow.

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I've been thinking of picking one up for hunting birds. I haven't looked closely yet but I want something decent so I'm wondering what's good and what to stay away from."We pulled the trigger, the safety went forward, both barrels fired almost together, the gun opened, ejectors kicked the fired cases over our shoulder ..most completely automatic gun we ever fired" The problem I have is I know nothing about Sx S shotguns and don't want to blunder into something that is not a good gun. You will be able to insert a 2-3/4 shell and fire it but there isn't enough clearance in the chambers for the shell to open all the way on firing. Modern plastic wad shot shells don't require as much constriction to produce good patterns and tight chokes may or may not fit your shooting needs.I know one of them is a L C Smith if I'm remembering correctly. Well, you always pay for your education, one way or another . This increases pressure and recoil and is hard on the gun. Again, a gunsmith can open chokes.• Stock dimensions have evolved.I’ve seen several nice ones recently for under 00.

If you can swing it, the 21 is arguably the best and strongest Sx S America ever produced and a good investment at the same time. A few things to keep in mind:• Older guns (pre-1925) typically have short chambers.It is a very impressive piece, with great craftsmanship and balance.

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