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Now I'm ready to slow down, relax, enjoy the day, and savor the time I have left on this, "third-rock-from-the-sun !"Someone who is comfortable with who they are, how they look, and how people percieve them.Roxanne jumped off the motorcycle; but Johnny continued to ride it in an attempt to prevent the tent they were practicing in from burning to the ground.Mona immediately ran over to see if Johnny was alright.Outgoing down to earth loves life who likes the outdoors and a bit of travel and being spontaneous and just want to enjoy life.

Upon his adoption, Johnny lived with Crash, his wife Mona, and his daughter Roxanne.Johnny and Roxanne became very attached to one another.One day, while Johnny and Roxanne were practicing a motorcycle stunt, the motorcycle caught on fire and was about to explode.I used to drag race my "crotch-rocket" bike, on Saturday nights at Phoenix Fire Bird Raceway.

Those wild and crazy days are behind me, and I survived !

Through cross-country moves, to un-stable partners, I have managed to somehow keep my sanity.