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28-Nov-2020 21:12

The latter was wildly popular with female users who are perpetually inundated with sleazy come-ons.“I started realizing that the endgame for online dating was monetizing user data,” says Shevinsky.“And I started to appreciate with Snowden’s revelations that that was not a business I wanted to be in.Shevinsky spoke to me at length about privacy and the importance of usability to mass adoption of privacy-oriented tools.From behind her black thick-rimmed glasses, she was just as comfortable talking about why privacy is important to democracy as she was explaining why online dating sucks for women.“Glimpse has two missions,” Shevinsky said.“If the data isn’t there, then we can’t give it to third parties unintentionally against our will or upon request.”But according to Shevinsky, her motivation for not keeping logs is not solely to do the right thing.

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We think that’s very important to democracy.”“Our second mission is women in tech and in some ways that’s less known.” Shevinsky was recently profiled in a article on women in technology, which told the story of her split and eventual reconciliation with her business partner Pax Dickinson due to his tweeting in defense of an app called Tit Stare, which is about as awful as it sounds.And then companies crept up with business models around the storage of that data.”According to Shevinsky, Glimpse’s fastest adoption rate has come from sororities and fraternities on college campuses.Raine Dalton, creative strategy director for Glimpse, crafted a targeted outreach program specifically for Greek life organizations.Glimpse is an ephemeral messaging app a la Snapchat that appears to take privacy just as seriously as other ephemeral apps take fun.

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The app uses end-to-end encryption when sending messages and keeps no user logs.

It’s expensive to store data for a long period of time and it’s mostly unnecessary.

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