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The French national holiday season from mid-July through late August is chaotic throughout the country, when holiday towns fill up and the reminder of the country is left deserted.Winter can be the best time to visit wineries, since wine makers have time to take you through their caves and discuss their wines, but this is not necessarily the most scenic time to visit France.Bordeaux is most known for its deeply colored, full-bodied reds, while Burgandy's Côte-d'Or produces outstanding red and white wines.Wines from the Loire and Rhone valleys are often exported and known abroad, as are the sweet white wines of the Alsace region.Burgundy, or ‘Bourgogne’, in the east is a region where red and white wines share equal prominence.

Major French wine producers such as Moët & Chandon in the Champagne region and Château Latour in Bordeaux often have easily navigable websites and clear information regarding how to book winery tours.She has a Bachelor of Arts in Italian language and culture from Smith College.France is a country synonymous with fine wine and as any map of French wine regions will show, there are vineyards scattered throughout a country that is responsible for producing between seven and eight billion bottles a year.To fly directly into the country's wine regions, travelers can take a connection from Paris or a budget or regional air carrier from elsewhere in Europe into regional airports in Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Travelers from Britain can drive or take a train through a tunnel under the English Channel.Evidence dating back 37 million years demonstrates that France may be the origin of the wine grape. Today, nearly every region of France produces its own wine, though much of it stays in France for domestic consumption.