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This led to their successful finds on hidden celebrity couples; thus, Dispatch writers continue to report freely on topics they wish to write about without limiting themselves to only popular topics.

Here are four celebrity couples who were revealed to be dating by Dispatch on January 1st of different years, and how they approached reporting on them. Hyun Young & Kim Jongmin (2008) Dispatch’s first paparazzi shots of a secret celebrity couple were revealed on January 1, 2008, where Hyun Young and Kim Jongmin were caught during a car date.

At first, Dispatch revealed they had no idea how to provide the proof of these alleged celebrity couples who were dating secretly, and thus resorted to American paparazzi styles of photography.

In an interview with the Dispatch writer who reported on Hyun Young’s and Kim Jongmin’s relationship, he/she stated: I saw a video of Britney Spears’s paparazzi calling out “Hi Spears!

” to which Britney would wave back and pose for the cameras.

Afterwards, Ivy threw a snowball and Kim Tae Sung, and their playful and sweet date in the snow was all captured by Dispatch. Kim Hye Soo & Yoo Hae Jin (2010) Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Hae Jin were rumored to be dating, as they had been spotted eating meals together, looking out for each other, and spending a lot of time together in a day. Lee Na Young & Daniel Henney (2011) According to another Dispatch representative, the news source aimed to approach reporting in a completely different way by straying from mainstream reporting tactics that aimed to make a profit by only reporting on trending search topics.