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There's nothing better than getting the living shit fucked out of you with 275 lb of muscle bearing down on you, pressed against you. He's off-season now, whatever that means, so he's gotten even bigger and let his hair grow out. the myth about bb's having small dicks is just that. Skydivers tolerate a level of risk others might not. I mentioned that he had me screaming and moaning so loudly, that glass probably shattered in SI. I'll call him tomorrow night if I don't hear from him first and gauge the situation. You'd have to be about 19 to think this is remotely interesting. "You're a pathetic loser, [R42], and there's no doubt your life is filled with rejection from every person you've ever lusted for."I'm not the one posting hilariously fake sexual encounters because I nothing better to do. I'm sure YOU find them facinating, seeing as how your sex life is a barren wasteland. Now drop dead and make the world a happier place, why don't you?One thing led to another, and cut to his apartment two hours later, with me flat on my back, legs spread, as this muscleman held me down as he mercilessly pounded my hole. Being held down by his heft as he fucked me had me screaming and moaning so, that I bet glass shattered in Staten Island. You can't tolerate Staten Island or getting fucked by somebody who might be poz. As for his HIV status, I don't know if he's poz or not. There's no rumor that he's poz, just my friend's overactive paranoia at work. I've been with a bunch of body builders myself because I was hot for that body type. After 30 years, it's time gay men get back to fucking just for the Hell of it. I rarely attract guys like this, so like I mentioned upthread, I'm going to ride this opportunity for as long as I can. [quote]You'd have to be about 19 to think this is remotely interesting.I know exactly the kind of bottom you are, or aspire to be or fantasize about being.No offense, because on the plus side, fucking a guy like you has it's advantages in that you can take anything up your ass.

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Condoms are not magic devices that, when used by two HIV- people, banish the evil HIV fairy from giving them both AIDS when they buttfuck.My friend warned me to beware of him, since it's been his experience that gay guys THAT HUGE are poz. We're not in a relationship, so it's none of my business. My friend who warned me about him is unusually paranoid about HIV, and he assumes that muscles = poz, which isn't necessarily the case. How do you know if anyone you bring home is poz or not? But my experience has been that they truly are muscle BOUND and haven't been all that agile or versatile. Cuddling with a muscular guy is awesome, but if he shaves his body I can see how that would be rough. You clicked on the thread so you must have found it interesting, Trollerina.