Euquine dating

01-Oct-2019 23:50

He also lowers his shoulder with quite a bit of force to push quaffle carriers away from their attacking lanes.

It’s almost impossible to get in close to Eugene’s hoops.

Those moments, plus his drag ability and the way he worked that wedding gown a few seasons back make it doubtful he's straight.

I always got the impression he was gay but really angry about it.

considering he's the most popular of those stupid buzzfeed "celebs" you'd think something would've surfaced. In the Try Guys eat Trump Grill food episode, he asks the director if tossing salad means vagina or anus and he's told it's anus, he then responds he's tossed a LOT of salads.

Oh my gosh, Eugene is one of so many Buzzfeed guys I crush on every time I binge watch their videos. Even the other Try Guys are cute in their own dorky way.

Yet Eugene is hardly just a quirky goof off when it comes to Quidditch. The team I was playing for at Western Cup, Stanford, was eliminated by the Power Grangers, mainly due to the play of Eugene.

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From the picture, you might infer that Eugene is one of those players who goofs off on the Quidditch pitch and focuses entirely on the lighter side of the sport.Most of the guys in their gay-themed videos are pretty hot, and even the ones who aren't seem to have amazing personalities.

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