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Mr Trollan stated that while finances have tremendously improved and the school is stable enough to not have to worry about closing down, the budget must be closely managed and debts paid off (see page 2) State Scholarship Applications California State Scholarship applications for the 1972 73 academic year are now available in the Financial Aid Office.

In comparison to last year's revenues, a figure of about ,800,000 is expected for the year of 1971-1972 Gifts from the churches will most likely reach the same figure as before and there is an increase in revenue from student tuition, as there are more students attending CLC this year than were expected. Sergius (Steve Horn I who led a heroic but foolhardy charge against the Serbs, which he survived only because the enemy guns had the wrong ammunition.

It is with this purpose in mind that we are again formulating a Gean Up Day at County Line Beach, 1 mile North of Leo Carrillo State beach on Hwy. All garbage will be trucked back to Thousand Oaks to be recycled (to the Jungleland, C. " he also held mem- bership in Ihe American Psychological Assoc lat ion. " ' This was an award in the ,000 Scholarship Essay Competition, sponsored by Green Leaf Classics, Inc. Her winning essay was written as a final assignment in Dr. After receiving the notice of her award, she wrote to Dr. But more important is what happens and is done after a person arrives.