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Seven of the victims were children who were killed by a parent, up from one victim in the previous year.But there was a significant increase in male victims of DV homicide, with 14 men killed in 2018/19 compared with five in the previous year.The government also wants to lower legal barriers for women by allowing adult victims of sexual offences to use video recording of the judicial interrogation in the main (dpa, AFP, KNA, epd) Each evening at 1830 UTC, DW's editors send out a selection of the day's hard news and quality feature journalism. Finding an apartment in a German city is hard work these days.New data from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research reveals 38 people died as a result of domestic violence (DV) homicide in the year to March 2019, up from 19 in the previous 12 months.Attorney-General Mark Speakman said the overall rate of murder in NSW was trending downwards, but the spike in DV-related homicides was alarming."Behind those numbers are real people," he said."They're mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, husbands, brothers, sons, fathers who've been the victims of domestic homicide." Women accounted for 15 of the total number of victims, up from 11 the previous year.() A camera team interviewing Katja Schneidt once remarked that she didn't look sad enough to be a victim.She now sees speaking up about domestic violence in Germany as a struggle against the perpetrators - and clichés.

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In half of cases, they lived in the same home as their victim. There is a round-the-clock helpline providing anonymous advice in 17 languages. Minister Giffey has announced the expansion of aid facilities and will launch a new campaign for the phone line.

Cases of domestic violence have risen almost 10 percent over the past three years, however only a fraction of victims actually report abuse.