Dating the roommate

29-Sep-2020 04:35

This can be a good way to find out things like what kind of music they like, movies they watch, what their hobbies are.However, be careful about judging them before you actually get to know them. I know that around the time when I first found out who my roommate would be, my profile picture on Facebook was of a lone tree in the middle of a field (it was an inside joke with a few of my friends).Browse your Perfect Matches, save your favorites and send messages to your top picks...

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While this does sometimes happen; it doesn’t hurt to branch out and meet new people and just be friendly with your roommate.

It can be very nerve-wracking to contact your new roommate for the first time, so here are a few tips to help you combat the nerves and make a good first impression.

The first thing most people will do when they find out the name of their roommate is stalk them on social media sites.

Stop wasting time weeding through irrelevant classified ads and actually find a roommate.

Our Perfect Match™ system will provide you with numerous compatible roommate options based on mutual criteria.

When you decide to contact them, try something simple like, “Hey, I’m (your name), your new roommate, and I just wanted to introduce myself before we moved in together! Are they going to be involved in any campus activities or sports.

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