Dating of the triassic period

22-Nov-2020 17:11

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for over 160 million years, from the Triassic period around 230 million years ago through the Jurassic period and until the end of the Cretaceous period around 65 million years ago.While dinosaurs came a long time before us humans, fossils and modern technology have helped us piece together what dinosaurs may have looked like and even how they might have behaved.It shared its environment with at least three other sauropod genera, which might have exploited different food sources in order to reduce competition.Amargasaurus probably fed at mid-height, as shown by the orientation of its inner ear and the articulation of its neck vertebrae, which suggest a habitual position of the snout 80 centimeters above the ground and a maximum height of 2.7 meters.

It was slender and lightly built, and the skull was proportionally large, but delicate.

Events such as these could have blocked out sunlight and significantly changed the Earth’s ecology.

The earliest known dinosaur appeared about 245 million years ago during the Late Triassic Period (250 to 210 million years ago).

Two species are currently recognized, although others have been assigned in the past.

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Velociraptor (commonly shortened to "raptor") is one of the dinosaur genera most familiar to the general public due to its prominent role in the Jurassic Park motion picture series.

Unusually for a dinosaur, Plateosaurus showed strong developmental plasticity: instead of having a fairly uniform adult size, fully grown individuals were between 4.8 and 10 metres long and weighed between 600 and 4,000 kilograms.