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You see, in 1987 (two years previous) (SIDS), struck my family. I have a big brother Andy and a little sister Mindy. I was chatting with Mum recently and she informed me, the night Melinda died was an evening after night tennis. To provide much needed relief to the families who grieve with no answers, only questions of Life will always have ‘What if’ moments.It was January 28th that year, when my Parents lost their 8 ½ month old baby girl ‘Melinda’ to SIDS (Cot Death). Even all these years later, it remains an unchanged memory to me. These memories and flashbacks shaped me and the heartbreak heavily influenced my personality. I asked her, because I couldn’t remember what the occasion was. Everybody has regrets in life and anybody with a story to tell, has plenty of 'What if’ moments.Losing ‘real love’ is honestly and it was before I ever grasped the complexity of love, myself.I thought for a long time that this must have been when I first lost my sense of self love, but now I question if it was even comprehendible at that age.I don’t remember where I went that night or how I got home from that house.

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A day which acknowledges a devastation my family endured over 32 years ago (amongst many other unfortunate families over the years, also).I feel like this year, though, went by unnoticed, which has urged me to ‘speak up’ in its significance and to give another reason that it be heard and honoured.Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge the staff, volunteers and the public who selflessly give their time and donations to and make this day possible.It took me ‘well into’ high school to reach out and discuss this with a professional and when I did the flood gates burst open, as did my heart towards healing. I learned, that to heal through pain we must ‘speak up’ to someone about what is troubling us. To the little girl, I was, completely besotted by my baby sister. I just feel very grateful though, that Mum shared that perspective, with me (A moment of real connection can have serious healing powers. This hasn’t been an easy journey for my family over the years (although their strength, humour and generosity would have you believe otherwise).

I began to open up and talk about the expectations laid upon me to begin acting like an Adult, whist I was consisted of me trying to make everyone around me laugh and feel happier, so I too felt something other than broken hearted and invisible. Death in the family is not a conversation to easily to discuss. I was in the loungeroom and Melinda was asleep in another room, in a cot much like the one we had at home.' For so long I was scared to get close to anyone because I believed they were only going to leave me, but I’ve since realised loss is not them and giving us an opportunity for growth.

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