Dating factory confess and undress

04-Jan-2020 06:01

As we left Uffington we just wandered up fairly quiet B and A roads, through Wem and Whitchurch and got to Nantwich.

Have found that supermarkets are a good place to stop as they have got a café that’s good enough to keep you going. Eventually after over an hour faffing about we got a Costa and as we had our coffee, for the first time I felt a bit lousy and actually Dave woke me up to tell me not to spill my coffee when holding it whilst asleep!!

The second part of the role, making up the remainder of the hours to be agreed, will be as a member of the front of house service team responsible for providing excellent food service to guests.

From time to time other general duties may be required.

The role is hourly paid but full time hours are available, with a certain amount of flexibility on number of hours worked per week – we expect the minimum weekly hours to be 20, and anywhere up to 48 can be agreed.

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On behalf of The Fat Lamb and our guests (who will be able to enjoy much better internet connection when they stay once the project has been completed) we’d like to thank everyone who has been involved in the project.

“The place has fallen apart without you Angela.” Well, there’s some truth in that, it seems.

Our recent very busy spell, Ravenstonedale Show, our 60s night and our many and various challenges the last few days have kept us from delivering these updates to you. Our first blog was just a general update, here are Angela and David’s actual reports on how they’ve been progressing day to day.

We had a cup of tea and a sandwich on a ‘lump of wood’ as David said. Saw some belted Galloways and some Dartmoor ponies up on the top along with lots of sheep. Bikers that smell in shorts, served by waitresses and waiters in waistcoats! Got all our washing on the balcony outside and lying on the bed trying to recover. Anyway, in the words of the Beautiful South song we carried on regardless and found that it didn’t affect the biking lane.

Not as barren as we expected, actually very green and Heather just coming out. Having done lots of hills we had a 4 mile downhill at the end which was so nice. Dave had a burger that was good, but not able to beat the Kings Arms burger he did admit (not meant to be turning into an advertising blog but just a fact). Had also to make an impromptu pit stop on this section as the pressure of 16 roundabouts, the artic wagons going to the docks, the road closed sign and 2 glasses of orange and 2 cups of tea put the bladder to a level of pressure not experienced for a long time.How can you get an area that big and still manage to miss it!!!